The only financial institution driven leadership group focused on fulfilling the channel’s potential for servicing protection needs

Initiated as a consortium of the Stathis-Mittel Business Intelligence, the ABA, and state bankers, the organization has created a leadership community focused on realizing the financial institution channel’s potential for fulfilling the Protection Needs of the clients it serves.

The combined efforts of these leaders are enabling participants to realize business advantages and affect change in the industry related to improving the ability to protects the assets of their clients. This group is comprised of thought leaders from related distribution, manufacturing, technology providers, and service providers in the financial institution channel. The focus on Protection includes life, health, LTC, property & casualty insurance, and related products that help with the protection needs of financial institution clients.

The FIIC is a working group consisting of select executives who believe the financial institution channel has the potential to be the most important distribution channel for protection-oriented products in the financial services industry and are determined to be catalysts in fulfilling this potential. 

The FIIC engagement structure includes the following:

  • FIIC Advisory Board
  • FIIC Steering Committee
  • Best-Practices Peer Group Sessions
  • Annual FIIC Summit
  • Protection-Focused Podcast Series

The FIIC was established in the third quarter of 2021 and had its first annual Summit in the fall of 2022. Your company can be part of this leadership peer group. Due to the significant gap in insurance advocacy in our industry we are intent on gathering the leading insurance focused executives in our channel. With the combined leadership of the advisory board, an ample data base members from the preceding ABA organizations, and the resources of Stathis-Mittel we are already enjoying robust participation. This council is also charged with the nomination and approval process for several annual financial institution insurance recognition awards.

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Insurance Summit

We held our first Annual Summit on November 1st through 3rd, 2022. It proved to be the largest networking and best-practices event of the year focused on enhancing the channel’s ability to service all the protection needs of our clients (life, health, property & casualty, commercial, direct to consumer). 

Our second Annual Summit will be held on October
25th through 27th.

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